WM Downloader

WM Downloader

Capture video streamings from Windows Media

WM Downloader is an easy way to capture your favorite videos from Windows Media streaming and SHOUTcast music. This tool supports multiple formats for your video and audio files such as WMV, ASF, ASX, PLS, M3U, WMA, WPL, WVX, WAX, and WMV. WM Downloader is a useful tool for downloading any streaming content directly to your PC. Collect your favorite audio and video streaming from Windows Media, SHOUTcast and Icecast in no time. It's no hassle at all because this program is easy to use. WM Downloader can automatically Split your incoming stream into individual sections. It uses protocols such as MMS, RTSP and HTTP for capturing. Program your captures by creating lists of the files you need. Capture online radio stations from the Winamp player, thanks to one of the features included. Utilize any of several features for splitting your audio streams such as file size, duration and title. The program has powerful command lines for obtaining complete control over the application. WM Downloader is a unique tool that facilitates your capture tasks.

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